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Return Policy

Our professional golf team has one goal in mind while personally hand making your Eye Putt Pro: Have you fall in love with it!  We continually strive to provide helpful resources including online instructional videos teaching you how to improve your putting with the Eye Putt Pro.

These policies below warrants to the original Eye Putt Pro consumer purchaser with documented proof of purchase.


60 Day Putting Improvement Money Back Guarantee


Your Eye Putt Pro was handmade in the USA by one of our professional golf team members.  Quality control is very important to us.  We guarantee your Eye Putt Pro is free of manufactures defects in the materials and workmanship for 365 days from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not obviously cover damages resulting from accidental, misuse, abuse, anticipated wear, lost/stolen merchandise or damage from environmental elements.  Do not store the Eye Putt Pro outside or in a hot vehicle as the prolonged exposure to sun, heat, and rain may damage the Eye Putt Pro.  Do not forget the Eye Putt Pro in your golf pants pocket.  We will not replace the Eye Putt Pro because you accidentally damaged it in your washer and dryer.

Damage of this nature is NOT covered under warranty. If your Eye Putt Pro is defective within the warranty period, please contact our professional golf support team at Support@EyePuttPro.com

If your Eye Putt Pro is damaged in transit because of shipping neglect, please contact our professional support team at Support@EyePuttPro.com immediately.